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Graduate Workflow Graffle 1.0

Graduate Workflow Graffle 1.0

Originally uploaded by Jason 2.0.

Because I’m an extremely creative person that thinks visually, it’s been hard to do content inventory and evaluation in Excel. Just seeing page names, ID’s and columns looks foreign. I’ve acclimated somewhat, but when it comes to deconstructing the site and reconstructing, I have to be able to draw. Tim thankfully ordered a huge dry erase board for the conference room and I took full use of it.

Using the Excel and discussion, I simply went in and started drawing a schematic. From that, as a group we were able to solve some very real problems with how our admissions workflow can change.

It’s hard dealing in higher ed with academic programs that each have their own enrollment process, application, and cost. The marketing group, us, has to find a way to make the enrollment and overall Web experience for the end user/prospective student seamless, while the back ground internal constituency is definitely divided into their own pieces of the pie.

Fortunately, I think we came up with a plan that will allow us to translate our internal cultural values to the external audience without confusing them. It was a real breakthrough, because I think we are going to be able to do this for the entire graduate studies site as well as the Degree Completion area. We may even bring the flow into SAUonline. Major victory for us figuring out the “batch”. Let me know what you think of the initial graffle. I’d love to hear some comments. Got some already, so will be making those changes todayish.

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