Best And Worst: LCN Web Hosting


As you want to create a good your first website, have to look out for a web host who will help you develop a good domain name for your site. LCN web hosting has been used by many clients and has its good sides and bad sides. First of all when you consider LCN web hosting then you have to narrow down to specifics. It’s from the specifics that you will know whether the host is really good for you or not. All in all most people prefer the hosting company because it generally has more good than bad. Moreover, you can get to choose your specific hosting package at will and this is the most fantastic thing about web hosting.


The best features

Hosting your site with LCN guarantees you extra features and many add-ons which are very important for business. These are conference room tools, blogger features, video production tools, prospecting system, live training lessons and more which are very effective in managing your site. LCN hosted websites are also fast and have a good uptime of 99%. The customer satisfaction will therefore relate well with server uptime. You will get good traffic as the servers are always operational. This is considered high quality web hosting for many service providers and site owners alike. The customer services are also excellent as you get immediate feedback on what you really need. These have made LCN have numerous positive reviews.

The Worst Features

LCN web hosting could limit your bandwidth and this will hurt your storage capabilities badly. Your website is the online face of your business and has to be perfect without any limitations. Once your hands are tied, then your goals become blurry all the time. Your aim is to grow and become a big brand with steadily growing traffic and active servers all the time. These are the features which will help you manage your site well. The hosting services also lack professionalism sometimes as well. You might need a “dot com” site which will easily reflect your brand and you might not get it at all. Representation of your company website matters a lot, so even though you might need to pay slightly more you will still need it anyway. Standard site names are also not prone to hacking.

Even though LCN web hosting offers you good discounts the charges could still be beyond reach for some people. The prices you pay for your hosting might not entirely reflect the traffic and the purpose of the site entirely. Once you sign up for the site you definitely expect returns and that your site will be of a great value to you. If you get lousy assists and lots of server downtime then your venture could be harmed. The choice is therefore yours to make. You could overlook the odds and host with LCN or you could do the opposite. For many people the benefits outweigh the bad and so they won’t hesitate to have their sites hosted with LCN.

Looking at the average cost of web hosting


Web hosting is a service that helps a client in managing his or her web page. A web hosting service helps individuals and institutions to access their web page through the World Wide Web (www).  This comes with a charge for the services offered. It is only free web hosting services that do not come with a cost. Web hosting services come with a cost as they lease space to their clients which means that clients have to pay for the space in order to continue using the services provided by the web host.  The emergence of paid web hosting services came as a result of the increasing needs of clients who are willing to pay for services offered as long as they get the value of their money through the good services that boost their businesses. Small businesses too can use web hosting services to boost their businesses and offer excellent services to their clients and also meet their set business targets.

The cost of web hosting depends on the company offering the services and the size of an organization that requires those services. Different web hosting companies have different charges. This is because they want to compete with other companies. The more charges a web hosting company has the better services it provides but not all do this. One might get a web hosting company charging very high, but offers poor services. This is seen through the bad relation between their staff and clients making a client not to get his or value of the money paid for a particular service.

Web hosting services have different packages. This is where a client chooses the one that will be suitable for his or her business and look for the best web hosting company.

There are web hosting companies that charge very high and others very low. This depends on the type of services offered and the size of the web hosting company. Clients will tend to go for the average charges that are offered so that they can still benefit from the services.

Looking at the average cost for web hosting requires a guide. The fast growth rate of web hosting companies has lead to the increase of web hosting companies. This requires one to look at the various costs offered by the web hosting companies so as to get the average web hosting company. One may use the directory which has these companies with a list of what services they offer and the cost attached to them. The average cost of web hosting help even the upcoming business people to access web hosting services.

In conclusion, web hosting companies should charge their clients at a reasonable cost and offer them services accordingly in order to have a good reputation and attract many clients who require their services. They should not be cunning, but always in the forefront of offering recommendable services that leaves their clients satisfied and feeling more comfortable. They should avoid offering services which will arouse complaints from their clients.

Pros and Cons of Fat Cow Web Hosting

Factor was first used as a web hosting platform in 1998. It has provided reliable web hosting services for individuals and companies. It does not matter if you have a small business. Fatcow has all the experts in its team to support you. Fatcow is much a respected web hosting company who’s been providing reliable and affordable hosting services for individuals and businesses for quite some time now. It is mostly known for its low price, it is one of the simplest and most customer oriented hosting brands on the planet today. Today fat cow web hosting is one of the leading web hosting companies on the market.



Pros of Using Fat Cow

Fatcow is relatively cheap as it costs 66 dollars a year. For that price range they offer quality web hosting services. Fatcow offer a variety of tools, for shopping carts, catalogs with coupon and sales options. It also has PayPal integration you are able to accept credit cards online.

Fatcow is also eco-friendly, its offices and data centers all are powered by wind energy. You can be proud that Fatcow is your webhosting partner because you know the machines that are hosting your website and email are fully eco-friendly.

The customer care service quality backed by HeiferCratic Oath. This is where the company pledges its calls are answered within 2 minutes and resolve issues on first contacts. The technical supports are also available at your service at a moment’s notice to solve your problems.

Fatcow is reliable because it has a good server uptime record. It also has integrated google webmaster tools. The tools provide you with a detailed report about your pages’ visibility on google which is completely integrated within your fat cow web hosting Plan.

Fatcow has unlimited hosting capacity. It does not matter what websites or blogs are in one hosting account. With just a few clicks, you can use a variety of dynamic themes and templates. All you need to do is point and click site building tools to create a professional looking at your website. No experience in programming is needed.

Cons of Using Fat Cow


The price is a bit tricky, in the first year you will be charged as low as 40 dollars, that is low for your hosting, but after  one or two years it will shoot up to around 113 dollars.

Fatcow has a control panel called vDeck. It has a user friendly interface, but is slow. In comparison it is quite slow and might get on your nerves.

The chat support is not while using Fatcow as the web hosting service provider. Fat cow web hosting does not offer a dedicated IP address under their shared hosting plans. This means that there is no chance you can get an SSL which is necessary for commercial operations.

The call support is also a major problem because the operator will channel your call to another destination. This will make you wait much longer, this leads to a lot of time wastage.

The bandwidth is also not as big as they say because as soon as traffic starts to pile up, the downtime reduces drastically.

Reasons for Using Web Hosting Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting service is a type of internet hosting where you rent an entire server which is not shared by anyone else. This is a better hosting service as you will have full control over the server. You will also be able to choose things like the type of operating system and hardware. Web hosting, dedicated servers is good for sites with intensive traffic. It can be used for a wide variety of functions like database management and gaming. It is also essential for sites which require large bandwidth and a consistent performance. Dedicated web hosting provides you with a dedicated IP address and allows full control of the server usage. This includes admin access to the server.


Dedicated server hosting is also referred to as complex managed hosting. This means that it has both physical dedicated servers and virtual servers.  Dedicated servers are typically housed in data centers, large facilities which provide constant power sources as well as back systems. The hardware of the server is owned by the supplier and in some cases company provides support for an operating system of your choice. The service provider steps in to taking over on most of the storage activities.

Using a dedicated hosting service offers various benefits ranging from security, high performance, email stability, and administrative control. Because of its high price, dedicated server hosting is mostly used by websites that have a large volume of data and traffic.

Benefits of Using A dedicated Server

One of the most important reasons for choosing dedicated web hosting is because of the speed. If the site you have requires a fast response time and it generates a lot of traffic, dedicated server hosting is the best way to go.

Dedicated server hosting has proved to be reliable because all the resources of the server are dedicated to a specific website. This will keep it up and running all the time and will not have slowdown, which makes it possible to increase your uptime.

It also allows you to have administrative privileges. This will allow you to install programs put custom configurations directly to the server. You will also be able to manage your usage of server resources. It enables you to identify potential problems and correct them before they have they got worse and affect your web site.

Web hosting dedicated servers allows you to take advantage of priority technical support. You will always be given first priority by trained professionals who can help you to resolve issues quickly and easily. They will also advise you on what you need to while troubleshooting problems.

Another benefit is that the server is taken care of by the company and is completely safe. Servers also take up a lot of space and room built with dedicated servers the company is responsible for the server. This makes dedicated server hosting well worth the investment.

Overall dedicated server hosting has more benefits than pitfall, if money is not an issue, it is the best choice for hosting.

Don’t Buy VPS Hosting Without a Hostgator Promotional Code

Virtual private server, also known as (VPS) is a kind of web hosting that is relatively new to many people. It is a hybrid of dedicated server hosting and shared hosting.  In other words, it’s a service that gives you a web server’s hardware to share with others without sharing the software. A VPS usually runs its own operating system. Customers have a super user level access to the operating system. This means that you are able to run and install any software that is compatible with the operating system. You can say that a VPS has the same hardware capabilities of a dedicated server, but with a more flexible and easily configured operating system. VPS is cheaper than dedicated servers. The performance of a VPS is slightly lower than that of a purely dedicated server.


VPS hosting is totally different from shared hosting. In VPS each hosting service has its storage, CPU, RAM, IP, data transfer, and other resources. Even if your neighbored site consumes too much of the resources, it will influence your site performance and resources. As well, you can tweak the server to improve the server performance, install custom applications and scripts to run your own websites which is not available in the shared environment.

Hostgator promotional code vps is more secure because it has the ability to install custom and strict firewalls. In others like shared hosting, it has a big risk on security due to the neighbored websites. VPS hosting removes this risk entirely. It allows you to test their code strictly ad configures the custom rules to filter the traffic, which can prevent the site from attacks. VPS hosting has its private mail server, which has a unique IP address. This enables you mail not to be blacklisted.

Why Should I Use VPS

 VPS allows for faster IMAP connections of email. You can send advertisements through the email or have a lot of customers on a mailing list, you will need VPS.VPS hosting with Hostgator is very expensive, it costs about 72 dollars for the first month and a renewal fee of 90 dollars. If you use the coupon you will get 50% off for the first month. It’s not that much, but at least you will have saved some few dollars. With hostgator promotional code vps you get unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited mysql database. You will also get weekly off site backups and full root access.

The Hostgator VPS Coupon codes are a huge money saver and they are punctually offered from numerous sources to improve the overall customer experience. HostGator has really contracted numerous respected suppliers to give out their code on their behalf. Using the 50% off coupon while using the VSP plan is the smartest thing you can do because this will allow you to pay half the price on the first billing. And if you decide to sign up for an extended longer period, you will be able to get more discounts.

History of Argos store

As we all know Argos is one of the major British companies and a part of home retail group. People in UK would mostly opt for online Argos or to find any of their local retail stores that have been put up in various parts of UK. They are specialized in providing top quality products to customers according to their varying needs.


Primarily they started up with about 17 stores in UK in the year 1973 and have introduced a new concept of shopping to the public. In the year 1981 they introduced two home based stores in Croydon and Leeds. With this the Home based retailers have increased in UK taking the business to the next level increasing the turnover. In the year 1998 Argos was purchased by GUS plc which is one of the giant home shopping in the market. At that time Argos was small and was selling limited products that included jewelry, house wares, toys and electrical. During this period they just were single chain retailers with about 435 stores but just selling general merchandise. They even forayed into the financial services sector as well in the year 2000 by offering range of insurance policies and credit to make it easy for the customers to purchase the products which they are in need of. This would even be beneficial for any business as well as they can get more profits as well.


In the year 2002 the company grew up to higher levels and had become one of the most popular and second largest DIY retailer in UK and then this was acquired by GUS plc. If you are looking for the best online store where you can get huge discounts on your shopping and can enjoy buying the right quality of products then Argos is the one to go with. It is one of the UK’s leading home retailers that you might be in need of.

The Home Retailer Group was launched in the year 2006 which actually merged with GUS. When it was actually launched it had home based as well as the financial services. But once it was merged with the other group it gave it three different retail brands with about 1,000 retail stores, three websites, two for the mobile shopping apps, along with the UK’s largest home delivery service providing company in UK.

This is one of the top most companies in UK with number of multi- channel retailers. In the year 2011the brand iconic habitat has been launched. This has been a great benefit for all those people who were wishing to improve their living space with huge range of products that are available here at Argos. They have been in to the business industry since several years and know exactly how to make their customers satisfied. You can visit the company site to know more about the promotions 2015 Argos. If you are looking for the best online sources where you can buy products for most affordable price then Argos is the right store.